RJ Realty provides representation to both buyers and sellers of commercial properties of all asset classes and types focusing primarily on privately owned properties in South Florida, ranging in value from $1-10 million.  We also assist landlords with property management and leasing, along with tenant and buyer representation.

RJ Realty prides itself on providing best-in-class marketing and a full range of services to its clients. Broker/President, Ronald W. Osborne with over 40 years of experience, brings an owner’s perspective to the transaction, negotiating on the clients’ behalf, analyzing not just current but future value of a property and obtaining the best outcome possible for his clients.   Ron’s methodology in valuing a property takes into consideration not only the property’s current financial and physical state, but also what it will take to bring added value over time, maximizing value.

RJ Realty aligns its interests with those of its clients to facilitate results and the ultimate success of each asset.